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Pipeline Tapping

Pipeline Tapping

If it is necessary to make a hole in the pipeline with internal overpressure of the medium due to the construction of a branch, temporary closing of the pipeline, bypass, etc., we perform leak-free tapping of the pipeline. The tapping is usually carried out using a special pipe-mounted fitting and a closing element which closes, after the drilling, or through which the fitting can be sealed after performing the service work. For branches, the tapping is done via the branch inbuilt plugging element or, if the branch material allows it, after tapping the branch can be compressed with a suitable compressing element or the pipeline can be closed in another suitable way, e.g. by ballooning, stopling etc. For drilling under pressure, we always use equipment of our own production, e.g KNS-F1, COMPACT-F1 and others.
Diameter of the pipeline to be tapped: unlimited
Diameter of the holes drilled: up to 700 mm
Pressure of the pipeline to be tapped: 100bar (after consultation/ and other)
Material of the pipeline to be tapped: metals, plastics, asbestos-cement etc. (depending on the properties of the material to be drilled and the drill bit used)
Media in the pipeline to be tapped: natural gas, oil, poisonous gases, water, steam, non-aggressive gases and liquids, etc.
Operating temperature: -50/+160 (after consultation/ and other)

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