We have been developing producing selling our products for more than 25 years

We profesionally deal with issues connected with the carrying out of service activities on all types of product lines like gas, water, crude oil pipelines, sewerage systems and the like. A wide spectrum of our services and a long-standing practice ranks us among leading edge in our market as well as abroad. Providing of professional and high quality services is our main priority.

Main Field of our activities

Our company extensive activities in the field of service activities of product pipelines can be divided in two categories.

First category is a complete solutions creation used during a work with pipeline products under medium pressure in the envirement of danger explosion. In this field we put maximum stress on the products safety. We make development and production of the special equipments allowing us ballooning, boring, cutting and other similar operations on the pipeline products without a medium leakage.In the field of customers complex service providing our qualified workers carry out relevant activities by our equipment.To carry out these activities we have relevant authorizations and certificates.

The second category is own business activity.We deal not only with a sale of our products and equipments but also with other components and products needed for the service activities on the pipeline products. In the field of this activity in the Czech market we also represent some foreign companies. In cooperation with designers and construction companies we also provide the complex deliveries of material directly to the constructions.

Our History