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STOPL-S2-F1 (For DN200-DN500 steel pipes with an internal overpressure of up to 16 bar.)

STOPL-S2-F1 (For DN200-DN500 steel pipes with an internal overpressure of up to 16 bar.)

The STOPL-S2-F1 is used to temporarily interrupt the flow of the media in pipelines with internal overpressure (or without overpressure) without any leakage of the medium (also referred to as pipeline shut-off). It involves inserting a line-stopping head fitted with a seal through a hole drilled into the pipeline, interrupting the flow of the medium. The device is connected perpendicular to the pipe axis using a custom fitting. The line-stopping head on the line-stopping rod is inserted through hydraulic telescopic cylinders.
The STOPL-S2-F1 basically has the same characteristic features as the STOPL-S-F1 series, with the following advantages:

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • System of interchangeable lids. 
  • Bayonet-type locking of the loading chamber.
  • Substantially reduces the preparation time for individual technological operations.
  • High variability.
  • Routable bypass.
  • Simple bypass solution.
  •  High level of safety.

Technical parameters:
Material and dimensions of pipeline to be sealed off: DN200-DN500 steel pipe
Media: natural gas, hydrogen, non-aggressive gases, other media after consultation with the manufacturer
Maximum overpressure of medium when shutting-off pipe: up to 16 bar
Ambient and media temperature: -10/+50°C (other after consultation with the manufacturer)
Following successful trials and tests, we have obtained a professional and binding opinion of the TECHNICAL INSPECTORATE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC on the STOPL-S2-F1 for use at an operating pressure of 16 bar.

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