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Other Equipment and Accessories

Other Equipment and Accessories

S 1212 pneumatic jig-saw is a device used for straight cuts across the pipelines and full circular profiles.
Pneumatic drive unit suspended on a fastening fixture attached to the pipeline to be cut. The fastening fixture ensures accurate drive unit guidance and thus correct geometry and stability of the cut, and it enables a bevel cut (deviation from the transverse perpendicular direction). The fastening fixture can be equipped with pneumatic pressure.
Compressed air for the saw drive is treated by the water separation and lubrication methods, e.g.by an air treatment unit (see sheet 3.3-1 of our catalogue). The equipment is typically supplied with a drive unit in explosion-proof design, which meets the requirements of Gov. Reg. No. 23/2003 Sb. for work in zone 2 according to Gove. Reg. No 406 / 2004 Sb

S1212 pneumatic jig-saw
Air treatment unit
UPU Universal pressure fastener
OH set” (Removal of edges)
SOP set” (Removal of partitions in conical valves)

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