Pipeline Plugging Equipment

Pipeline Plugging Equipment

Pipeline plugging equipment is used to temporarily stop the media flow inside the pipeline. Media flow inside the pipeline can be stopped (sealed) using various methods. In our equipment, plugging is done by inserting a plugging balloon or rubber spacer through a hole drilled in the pipeline or, if possible, disconnecting the pipeline from the face of the disconnected pipeline. In leak-free applications, the insertion of the plugging element is performed from the insertion chamber through a plugging fitting.   

Temporary Pipeline Plugging Using Balloons:
Ballooning equipments  RVB 2010-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 65-300 mm, pressure up to 3 bar)
Sealing balloons (For pipeline inner diameters 50-2000 mm, pressure up to 0,25 bar)
Equipment UDP-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 20-80 mm, pressure up to 0,6 bar)

Temporary Pipeline Plugging Using Rubber Spacers:
Equipment RUP-F2 (For pipeline inner diameters 11-50 mm, pressure up to 5 bar)
Equipment D-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 32-80 mm, presure up to 0,03 bar  )
Equipment COMPACT-F1/Stopl (For pipeline inner diameters 20-50 mm, pressure  up to 8 bar)
Mechanical sealings

Temporary Pipeline Plugging Using the STOPL Device  
Equipment STOPL-T-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 65-150 mm,pressure up to 10 bar)
Equipment STOPL-S-F1 (For steel pipeline inner diameters 150-400 mm, pressure up to 8 bar)  Newly ! 500 mm on sales!
Equipment STOPL-S-F1 (For PE pipeline outer diameters 225 mm and 315 mm, pressure up to 8 bar)

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