Other equipment and jigs

Other equipment and jigs

Other equipment and jigs produced by our company are used to support complex and safe service operations carrying out on our product pipelines. A pneumatic straight saw  S 1212 is equipment used for a direct cross cuts of pipelines and circular profiles. A pneumatic drive unit hanging on a fixture jig attached to cut pipeline. A fixture jig enables a direct drive of unit drawing and subsequently a right geometry and section stability and enables carrying out of an angular cut (diversion from a cross vertical direction ).Clamping jig can be equipped by a pneumatic thrust.

Compressed air to drive a saw is adjusted by water separation and by admixing for example by a unit for air conditioning (see catalogue list 3.3-1). Equipment is standardly supplied with a drive unit in an unexplosive type meeting requirements in NV 23/2003 of Legal Code for a work in the zone 2 according to NV 406/2004 of Legal Code.

Pneumatic saw S 1212
Air Conditioning unit
Universal pressure clamping  UPU
Set OH (Edges removal)
Set SOP (partitions conical cocks removal)

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