STOPL-S-F1 for steel pipeline

STOPL-S-F1 for steel pipeline

Device STOPL-S-F1 is used for a temporary medium disconnection in pipeline with internal overpressure (or without overpressure) without a medium leakage. The device works on the following principle: stoppling head with a seal is inserted in pipeline through a bored hole, then it is shifed outside of a bored hole and subsequently compress the sealing in a way that all pipeline section is sealed and it generates a medium flow interruption. A device connection to the pipeline is made through special shaped piece - perpendicularly to the axis of pipeline.

  • Low weight (for DN 300 the heaviest weight is only 58 kg)
  • Fast and simple assembly
  • System of repleceable
  • Byonet caps sealing
  • Significant reduction of time between the operations
  • High variability
  • Safety rising
  • Bypass simple solution

Material and diameter of a sealed pipeline: steel pipeline DN 150-DN400, PE pipeline d225, d315. Other material after consultation with a producer.

Medium: natural gas, non agressive gas, other medium after consultation with a producer.

Maxim overpresure in a sealed pipeline: up to 8 bar (0,8MPa) 

Working temperature: -10/+50 °C

(For inner diameter of steel pipeline 150 mm and 400 mm, a pressure up to 8 bar) Newly 500 mm! IN A DEVELOPMENT !

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