Pipeline Sealing Equipment

Pipeline Sealing Equipment

Pipeline sealing equipment is used for a temporary medium flow sealing in pipeline. Temporary medium flow sealing in pipeline can be carried out in different ways. In our equipment the sealing we carry out by an inserting of sealing balloon or a rubber distance component through bored hole in pipeline or if possible by a pipeline disconnection from a face of disconnected pipeline. During a leakage applications the sealing component insertion is made from a chamber installation through a fitting sealing.   

Temporary pipeline sealing with a use of balloons :
Ballooning equipments  RVB 2010-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 65-300 mm, pressure up to 3 bar)
Sealing balloons (For pipeline inner diameters 50-2000 mm, pressure up to 0,25 bar)
Equipment UDP-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 20-80 mm, pressure up to 0,6 bar)

Temporary pipeline sealing with a used of rubber distance elements :
Equipment RUP-F2 (For pipeline inner diameters 11-50 mm, pressure up to 5 bar)
Equipment D-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 32-80 mm, presure up to 0,03 bar  )
Equipment COMPACT-F1/Stopl (For pipeline inner diameters 20-50 mm, pressure  up to 8 bar)
Mechanical sealings

Temporary pipeline sealing with a use of STOPL equipment   
Equipment STOPL-T-F1 (For pipeline inner diameters 65-150 mm,pressure up to 10 bar)
Equipment STOPL-S-F1 (For steel pipeline inner diameters 150-400 mm, pressure up to 8 bar)  Newly ! 500 mm in a development
Equipment STOPL-S-F1 (For PE pipeline outer diameters 225 mm and 315 mm, pressure up to 8 bar)

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