Balloon set RVB 2010-F1

Device RVB 2010-F1 RVB Device 2010-F1 is used for the temporarily closing of flow in a pipe. To close the flow a body made of special rubber is used, filled with liquid. In principle, it is a hollow flexible closing element (ball) made of a special rubber, which after introduction into the pipe, filled with liquid so that it will fill the entire pipe cross-section...

Pneumatic straightforward Saw PPP 350N

According to customer supply chain fixtures with automatic down pressure saws, or in a simpler version for manual pressure. The saw is adapted for use with clamping devices. When cutting a pipe with a diameter larger than DN 350 is designed to use pressure arc with guide rollers....

Drilling device COMPACT-F1

Device COMPACT-F1 is used for drilling pipelines under pressure without leakage of media. Drilling is done through tapping isolating valves connected to the fittings that are attached to the pipe by either welding or mechanically. The device enables the drilling of holes for balloon sets, for planting branches through T-pieces or through branches. It is produced in...
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